Mobile billboard Advertising in Bourbonnais, IL

All mobile billboards are equipped with GPS tracking.  Watch the location of your advertisements! 

​We have many affordable pricing packages to suit your needs!

Welcome To Illinois Digital!

​​We are an out-door digital mobile advertising & event company proudly serving the Northern Suburban of Illinois & Eastern Indiana area. We use an innovative system of illuminated digital displays to maximum visual advertising. Our mobile truck boost your personalized ads or messages on three sided billboards of our truck. Slideshows and  videos featuring surround sound can also be used for special events. 

State of The Art Mobile Billboards. Be Seen On The Big Screen


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Statistics Of Mobile Billboards

       * Messages on outdoor billboards have a 97% recall rate.

       *80% of consumers are out of their home during the majority of the                 day (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.)

          SOURCE - Outdoor Advertising Magazine

        *91% of target audience noticed text and graphic on vehicle                                advertising           

        *96% of viewers say mobile billboards have more impact than static                  billboards 

           SOURCE - American Trucking Association & 3M

       * Americans report spending an average of 20 Hours a week in a car,                 either driving or as a passenger

          SOURCE - Arbitron INC / Edison Media Research

       * Mobile truck ads are twice as effective in driving sales vs. others

       * Truck Advertising resulted in an increase of sales of 107%

          SOURCE - Product Acceptance & Research, INC. 

Special Events, Occasions & Festivals:

Great for festivals, marriage proposals & weddings, concerts, family reunions, birthdays parties, sport events, school activities, neighborhood get togethers, company gatherings, picnics .......How about a music video, movie,  or video game competition at the park!

Slide shows and/or videos ( musical or narrated) are played with full surround sound. The trucks rear panel can be extended to the side screen of truck  to create an extra large viewing surface. 

Impressive!  The possibilities are endless! Make your special occasion unforgettable by being seen on the big screen!


Safe, wholesome family fun at the pool.

​​Advertising & Branding:

Ideal for business, companies, restaurants, financial​ institutions, parades, political campaigns, grand openings, retail stores,  fitness facilities, Up-Coming Events, and much more....... 

​We take your message directly to potential customers,, getting their attention through brilliant colors, remarkable back-lighting and constant movement. The ads on our truck rotate every 20 seconds on our 11 x 6 ft. billboards: just long enough to leave a lasting impression.

Illinois Digital is the only one in our area to provide this service. Be the first to impress with this new affordable technology. Allow us to assist in increasing your business today!